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The 3 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

Apr 26, 2021 | Content Marketing, Video | 0 comments

a woman sitting in front of a camera being interviewed for a customer testimonial video

Today’s consumers have two primary goals when they are researching prospective products or services. First and foremost, they want a no hassle search process. They want to be able to research their product or service online, with minimal interaction with any outside sales teams or individuals. Secondarily, they want to learn quickly and efficiently. Today’s consumer is trained to have answers directly at their fingertips. In fact, online searchers aren’t likely to go past the first five page listings in a SERP.

That’s why videos are so valuable to today’s consumers, and make a wonderful sales and marketing tool for businesses today.

Online videos feature list elements, quick snippet summaries, and easy-to-consume information that feels attainable to today’s average consumer. Not only that, but because video results are 50x more likely to be organically ranked in Google than text-based results, video is also a highly visible and reliable search tool.

If you don’t have any video content for your business yet, now is the time to start. There are three types of videos that every business needs in order to market themselves.

Testimonial Videos

There is so much value in customer testimonial videos. Consider your own consumer behavior and how you search online for a product or service. Are you more inclined to purchase a product that has 10 positive reviews versus no reviews?

Whether the prospect is an individual or a business, their research and decision behavior is very similar. They want to hear from people who are just like them who found success with a similar product, service, or solution.

Your customer testimonial video can be as simple as the customer on-screen in a beautifully lit and styled area. We prefer to leave the videos unscripted—you want their natural review, after all. Customers need only be prompted with a few open-ended questions to get the conversation going.

Company Overview and Culture Video

Company overview and culture videos are incredible sales and marketing tools, both internally and externally. Just like how people want to see people like themselves in a customer testimonial video, they also want to see that the team they’re choosing to work with is relatable. A company overview and culture video shares with clients and prospective clients what the work ethic of the company is, and gives them a behind the scenes look at the people behind all of those conference calls and emails.

Internally, company overview and culture videos are exceptional recruiting tools for prospective employees. The background offered in those videos can show potential hires how things are run, and it can encourage the right fit to apply for your open positions.

Company overview and culture videos should be authentic and mirror what office life is actually like for your company. For example, if you’re a business formal type of office, your overview video shouldn’t show your team riding scooters throughout the office. Alternatively, if your office is the type that rides scooters around the office, don’t show employees in stuffy office settings. You want your company overview and culture video to show an accurate depiction of who your company really is.

Educational Content Marketing Videos

Video is a fantastic content marketing tool because it can seamlessly fit into all of your other marketing mediums like social media or your blog. Educational content marketing videos condense, summarize, or add to longer-form pieces of content that explain complex topics about your business, services, or industry.

These educational content marketing videos can be in the form of tutorials, how-tos, or lists, and not only prove that you’re an authority on the subject, but it will also encourage prospective customers who are seeking similar services to engage with you further.

And, before you worry about giving away the “secret sauce” or industry secrets—don’t! These videos don’t have to be that complex. They simply need to offer inside knowledge that will help you stand out amongst your competitors and help your customer feel knowledgeable (and confident) enough to make the right decision.

Find an Agency for your Videos

Next step? Find an agency to produce your videos for you! The right lighting, gear, and editing styles will make all the difference when separating professional content from novice content, and you want to make sure your brand and business are presented professionally.

At Rockit Creative Solutions, we understand the power of a story and know how to expertly capture it. If you’re ready to create a customer testimonial video, a company overview and culture video, or some educational content marketing videos, we’re ready to help.

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