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Rockit Provides the Highest Returns in the Industry

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Exceptionally High ROI

Data Driven & Tested

The #1 Digital Marketing Agency For Roofers Across The Nation

Get ready to see the strongest results you have ever seen on a marketing investment. Rockit’s team will get you more customers, keep new leads coming in, making your business more successful than you ever thought possible.

  • The Quality Leads You Want
  • Data Driven & Tested Results
  • Affordable Monthly Pricing
  • Clear Monthly Reporting

Campaign Spotlight: Damschroder Roofing

Over 141% Increase in Keywords since New Website Launch ROI

  • Released and optimized a new website leading to substantial keyword growth
  • 273% Increase in Website Impressions
  • 128% Increase on Clicks to the Website
  • Ranked for Over 700 Keywords
At the start, Damschroder Roofing ranked for less than 300 keywords. As of February 1st, 2023, in less than a year they rank for nearly 700 words! They now average over 200 calls/website interactions per month to their website through their Google Business Profile alone.

Your Bolt-On Roofing Marketing Agency

We’re not just a marketing agency, we’re your business partner.

Web Design & Build​

Customized your landscape website with user friendly WordPress websites built to connect and convert visitors into leads.

Roofing PPC​

Get customers attention with strategically placed paid ads that generate more jobs.

Search Engine Optimization​

Our roofing SEO strategies get your business to the top of the search results that get you more leads.

Tracking & Analytics

We track, analyze & test everything, constantly improving to get the best results with regular reporting.

Customer Centric& Data Driven

Understanding what customers want & how to connect with them.
Data driven results that speak for themselves.

The Highest ROI

We’re so good that other agencies hire us to do what they can’t.

We go beyond helping your business achieve your goals, you will dominate the competition and enjoy the highest returns you have ever seen. Exceeding your expectations with a state of the art customer-centric website, data driven and customer experience tested digital marketing campaigns, online reputation, social media and more.

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      Hundreds of Businesses

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