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Jack Bobbitt Jr.

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Jack E. Bobbitt


Meet Jack – a true Lynchburg native through and through. After spending his formative years in the heart of Virginia, Jack turned his local knowledge into a thriving career. He’s not just any graduate from Lynchburg College; he’s a man with nearly three decades of experience under his belt in both B2B and B2C sales and marketing. Talk about a journey!

Now, let’s talk about passion – Jack’s got it in spades. About 25 years ago, he had this spark, this vision for something big. That’s how Rockit came into being. It’s not just a business; it’s a culmination of lifelong passion and a testament to the strong relationships he’s built over the years. It’s like Jack always says, “It’s all about connecting with people.”

And Jack’s expertise? It’s as wide as the distance from San Francisco to Boston – literally! He’s been the mastermind behind multi-media campaigns stretching across the nation. Ever heard of brands like Kitchen Aid, EFI Industries, or Delta Machinery? Yep, those successes have Jack’s fingerprints all over them.

On the home front, Jack’s heart belongs to his wife, Melinda, and their two wonderful children. He’s not just a visionary in the boardroom; he’s a family man at heart.

So there you have it – Jack’s story. It’s a blend of local charm, professional excellence, and a personal touch that makes you think,

“Now here’s a guy who really knows his stuff!”

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We love working with Rockit Creative Solutions! Rockit is a breath of fresh air! Their customer service is off the charts, they professionally handle our account, and they are very serious about our business. They have always presented a solution to every challenge. They are a very current and modern firm in an industry that is constantly changing. Their ideas are fresh and relevant. We highly recommend Rockit for your business, you will not be disappointed!

Craig Millner

Vice President , Perry Pools & Spas

There are so many things you can say about Jack and his team. They are great communicators, problem-solvers and master of data. They take global branding to the next level, whether you like print ad or you ride the wave of digital fluency. RockIt Creative Solutions is the team to see you through. GACV has been with RockIt since Jack decided it was time to branch out in 2012. Jack has created an astounding team to support him and they have helped GACV put together incredible and creative ad campaigns over the years. We love the innovation that Jack and the team bring to the table and look forward to growing our practice with them in the future.

Sherri Rogers

Facilities Manager, Gastroenterology Associates of Central Virginia

Jack and his team are the best! Have worked with Jack for years and always receive excellent attention and great content in our billboards, social media and print ads. If you want a company that’ll help you with any of your marketing needs, Rockit Creative Solutions is the company to bring on board.

Nancy Fitzgerald

Sales Manager, The Floor Show

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